One of the scariest moments in life is being arrested.  The process is bewildering.  They take you from your home, your car and family.  Often they don not tell you why you're being arrested.  Most often it ends up being mistaken identity.  The most important advise I can provide is to exercise your right to remain silent and obtain an attorney.  The police really do NOT care about you.  They don't care what you have to say.  They have a "job" to do.  They can, do and will twist your words.  They will tell you they are your friends or that they can help you.  However, you should exercise your right to remain silent and request a lawyer.  

    In criminal matters, the State is represented by the District Attorney's Office, who must prove that you are guilty.  But often that is not the case.  They see you as guilty and you must prove your innocence.
     As your lawyer, my goal is to ensure that your rights are not being violated and to protect you from the police and prosecutors. You do have rights.  I will protect and exercise those rights.  If you need any assistance whether it be a very serious crime such as a felony, a misdemeanor or even a traffic ticket, I will fight for you.  The police use trickery and are deceptive.  Don't go it alone.  Call me for a free consultation.  I only charge a fee if you sign a retainer.  Please, don't hesitate.  When it comes to the police, every second counts.